Smarter Links

Have a say in your share of voice

Every click on an ad today is analyzed and optimized instantaneously. Why isn't the same true for every click on organic content?

At BAM, we pioneered dynamic in-content product links. Our 'BAMlinks' allow Advertisers to conquest Share of Voice based on user-level information and measure content's impact on customer acquisition.

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Artboard Copy 7.png

Smarter Context

Content Drives Awareness; Context Moves the Needle

Context shapes perception. BAM's unit dynamically presents your product in the right context.

BAM's AI is trained by user activity and editorial selections, helping to provide the right context around your products. The difference takes your content from "ignored" to "impactful".


Smarter Curation

Engage without interrupting

Advertisers can scale the reach of what's already been written about them with our unique access into the data behind editorial content.

BAM's Magnet Unit pulls in real content to create truly authentic Native Ads, delivered in premium placements on relevant publisher sites.

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