Case Study

Better Advertising through Smarter Content



BAMN’s patent-pending Smart Link technology identified a huge opportunity - organic content featuring Dermstore products were linking to competitors 92% of the time.

Through BAMN’s platform, Dermstore started outbidding competitors - 5x’ing their share of voice in premium beauty content, all while specifically targeting new customers. Smart Links also eliminated issues with link rot (Out of Stock products) by dynamically redirecting shoppers.

Platform Goals

Dermstore was looking for a modern, content-driven approach to increase brand awareness and reach new customers:

Efficiently Deliver Customer Acquisition

Higher Engagement on Content

Scalable Growth for Repeatable Success

In the First Year:

100% Brand Safe


High Cost: Creating assets for native advertising content has always been costly, and keeping pace with today’s trends is nearly impossible

Poor User Experience: Products featured in Sponsored Posts would frequently go out of stock, creating a bad user experience and driving unproductive traffic

Low Engagement:  CTR on standard banner advertising is low, at 0.06%

Brand Safety: Content Discovery networks like Taboola are not 100% brand safe

+685 Revenue Growth
ROI increased +67% YoY, Demonstrating Truly Scalable Acquisition

1.2 CTR
A +1000% lift in engagement compared to benchmark for Banner Ads

$0 Production Cost
Tapping into premium, 100% brand safe content requires only a Product Feed